Make it Move
Creative Animation Studio

Flagship Group


Estée Lauder Japanese New Year

Estée Lauder Asia Pacific required an animated greeting card to send around to their suppliers.
We animated three versions, the Japanese, Chinese and a group wide Christmas Card.

Flagship Group


‘The Flagship Way’ is a campaign that promotes positive working practices in the Flagship Housing Group.

We created the illustrations and animations for the team building event in early 2018.
These were used in both print and digital through out the event.


University of East Anglia

We were commissioned by the UEA Mathematics School to create an animation that explains the idea of Gross One.

The short film uses the classical paradox of Hilberts Hotel to introduce the research and create a new twist on the original paradox.



We created an animation to be presented in Hyatt Hotel’s annual report.

The short film was part of the end of year report for Hyatt to highlight improvements the chain are making in responsibly sourcing their seafood.